• CBD Powder or CBD Isolate - Making And How To Use It?

    CBD Isolate or CBD Powder is becoming more popular as an increasing number of people are getting the awareness of its benefits. Since it’s a non-psychoactive compound, you can rest assured that there would be no harmful effects. However, for those of you who are still trying to understand CBD products and in particular CBD powder or CBD isolate, worry no more. You will find here everything you are looking for!

    What is CBD Powder or CBD Isolate?

    It is a crystalline powder that purely contains CBD (it is 99.9% pure) in its finest form. The hemp plant is essentially a mix of waxes, oils and some other plant matters, which are all removed to turn it into the purest CBD form that is as raw as it could be.

    How is CBD Powder or CBD Isolate Made?

    Before you decide on using CBD powder of CBD isolate, you should understand how it is purified to understand its benefits better.

    The process to extract CBD isolate is called convergence chromatography that hereby enables separation of raw CBD from hemp oil. It follows an extremely critical extraction process; apart from CO2, this SuperCritical CO2 extraction technique is perhaps the cleanest and safest of all.

    It is, however, not a one-time process but is repeated multiple times until CBD is completely isolated from other plant matters and is obtained in its purest form. Another reason for doing it multiple times is because there is always a tendency of leaving contaminants like butane that should not be left in the isolate.

    Following the extraction, it then goes through a purification process where the actual filtration takes place. The process is called winterization and helps getting rid of any remains of wax or other substances found in the hemp plant. The final product looks like a white crystalline powder.

    As simple as this process may sound like, the professionals who repeatedly follow the same process multiple times have to ensure that each time, quality and safety standards are followed to get the rawest of the CBD products.

    How should you use CBD Powder or CBD Isolate?

    Now that you know what it goes through in the lab before making it to your shopping basket, you would want to know exactly how to use it. CBD isolate is pretty fun to use and can be used in dynamic ways as compared to other CBD products.

    How you cook with CBD isolate is the most interesting part. You can infuse it in your smoothies, or you add it to your sauces very easily and the whole cooking is quite the fun part. What you need to be aware of is the “double boiling method” that is the obvious way to infuse CBD isolate in your meals as it seamlessly integrates the isolate in food items following a heat control technique.

    In this case, whichever carrier oil you use, you would like to infuse the isolate in it in a way (double-boiling technique) that your body can absorb its benefit once you have your meal. It is also the best way to get the maximum out of the isolate. Moreover, coconut oil is one of the most sought after carrier oil to be used with isolate for maximum benefits.

    Apart from cooking it with your food, you can also add it up in your morning smoothies, all you need to do is to blend it with your smoothie and enjoy it. If you are not a smoothie person and enjoy hot beverages, you can always add it in your tea or coffee regime, and it works the same way.

    Though isolate doesn’t have a taste of its own, you can also make it as a sweetener. All you have to do is boil it in a double boiler with honey until it gets completely dissolved in the mixture. Your sweetener would be ready, and you can eat it as jam on top of your morning rusks or use it as tea or coffee sweetener.

    Zero THC

    We are aware of the fact that CBD hemp products contain very minimal traces of THC, which is the psychoactive compound. The legal compound limit is about 0.3% and not more than that, which would not make the users feel high. And this is achieved through the CO2 extraction process. Now, with CBD isolate, since it goes through the process multiple times, it offers users each bit of benefit that CBD offers and has NO trace of THC!

    It means that is any user is sensitive to even an insignificant amount of THC and can’t use any other CBD product because of 0.3% THC presence, can use CBD isolate without worrying about consuming any amount of THC. It also holds true if you are to take a drug test during an employment process and the employer policies are stringent and have no exception for any amount of THC even the minuscule amount present in CBD products. Without any fear, you can use CBD isolate and take the drug test right after it.

  • CBD Capsules Vs Softgels Vs Pills

    CBD has gradually grown into a very popular self-care and wellness product. CBD is short for cannabidiol. It is a chemical that is extracted from the cannabis plant. Hence, it is a natural substance. It is used in various products such as oils, capsules, softgels, sprays, gummies, topicals and pills to give a calming and relaxing sensation.

    Now, of course, many CBD based products have a wide variety of scope and usage. Therefore, it sometimes becomes difficult to differentiate between them. Below is a guide to help you distinguish between the most popular CBD products (which might seem similar) which include CBD Capsules, CBD Softgels, and CBD Pills.

    What are CBD Capsules?

    First, we have to understand what exactly a capsule is, in pharmaceutical terms. It is a solid form of medication consisting of two parts. The first part is the core medicine, which is in the form of a pill. Sometimes it is derived from raw isolates whereas sometimes it is derived from raw hemp plants. Isolates ensure that THC does not find its way into the CBD capsules. Remember that THC is the addictive and sedative part of the cannabis drug, which has the potential to cause addiction. Hence, it is necessary to ensure that it is not present in the CBD capsules and pills and even if it is present, then it is only present in is miniscule amount, so its harmful effects are minimized.

    The second part of the CBD capsules is the supplement of the medicine which is in the form of a subtly hard container around the pill. There is a specific reason why capsules are sometimes used as opposed to pills, and this reason really outlines the difference between the capsules and pills. Sometimes the drug being used (in this case, CBD) cannot be compressed into the form of a solid. Therefore, capsules are used in this case. The most common types of CBD capsules are CBD Distillery capsules, Hemp Bombs CBD Capsules, CBD Drip EcoCaps, CBD Genesis Capsules, and CBDFX Capsules.

    What is CBD Softgels (Gelcaps)?

    CBD Softgels (Gelcaps) are similar to CBD capsules but there are also some differences. They are similar in a way that they both consist of two parts. The inner medicine part and an outer shell part. The peculiar thing about CBD Softgels (Gelcaps) is that their outer shell part is made of gelatin. Hence, it is soft, and that is how the name Softgels (Gelcaps) has been derived. It can be said that CBD Softgels (Gelcaps) is a particular type of CBD Capsules whose outer shell is made up of gelatin. There is no significant difference in the internal medicine part of CBD Capsules and CBD Softgels (Gelcaps).

    What are CBD Pills?

    CBD pills are basically CBD that has been compressed into a small solid form. They are more concentrated than their fellow capsule counterparts. They have no outer shell like CBD Capsules. Hence, it can be said that consumers are directly exposed to the CBD contents when they take pills.

    One of the primary benefits of CBD pills is that they have the potential to reduce depression and anxiety. It is a very significant benefit as mental health issues are affecting many people nowadays, and awareness regarding it is gradually increasing. CBD has proven to be a somewhat effective treatment for these illnesses. It has been shown to have an anti-depressant and anti-anxiety effect on patients. The scientific reason behind this is that the chemical structure of CBD promotes the growth of serotonin, a neurotransmitter in the brain that is responsible for mood regulation.

    Differences between CBD Capsules, Softgels and Pills

    Based on the absorption rate

    Generally speaking, CBD capsules are absorbed into the body quicker than CBD pills. The reason behind this is that the core medicine (inner part) of the capsules is already broken down into a smaller form (and is sometimes even in the form of a liquid).

    Now all the body has to do is break down the outer shell, and then it can quickly absorb the core medicine into the bloodstream. Hence, its digestion is quicker for the body than that of the pills which are in solid form in the first place. In their case, first, they will have to be gradually broken down into smaller pieces by the body. Eventually, they will be broken down into liquid form so that they can be absorbed. Hence, if instant results are required or if the purpose of using CBD is time-sensitive, then CBD capsules should be used as opposed to CBD pills.

    If we talk specifics, CBD capsules are usually absorbed into the bloodstream in a few minutes whereas CBD pills can take up to half an hour to be successfully absorbed into the bloodstream. Therefore, CBD capsules are more suitable for people with a hectic lifestyle and a tight schedule as opposed to CBD Pills.

    CBD capsules can be taken anywhere and anytime and that is one of the primary reasons for their growing popularity. On the other hand, due to their relatively slower digestion rate, CBD pills are usually prescribed to be taken at particular times of the day, so their effects can adequately manifest.

    Based on structure

    CBD Pills are different from CBD Capsules and CBD Softgels (Gelcaps) in this way that they do not contain an outer shell. CBD Pills are just medicine that consists of a drug (CBD in this case) that has been compressed into a small solid form. There is a reason why they are made as small as possible. The reason is that smaller objects are more comfortable to swallow, so the small size of the pills makes it easier for the consumers.

    Based on taste

    CBD pills have a higher tendency to leave a slightly unpleasant aftertaste in the mouth as opposed to CBD Capsules. It is because the core medicine part is exposed to the tongue of the consumer in the case of CBD pills, whereas it is encapsulated in a tasteless outer shell in the case of CBD capsules. It causes CBD capsules to be mainly tasteless.

    Based on dosage

    There are also differences in the dosages of CBD pills and CBD capsules. CBD pills usually have a higher concentration of CBD per unit. CBD Capsules typically have around 10 mg of CBD per capsule, whereas CBD pills usually have approximately 30 mg of CBD per pill. Moreover, studies and usage have shown that CBD is slightly more effective when taken at higher dosages per time. Therefore, generally speaking, CBD pills might be more effective than CBD capsules in the long run.

    Based on the form of CBD being used

    Another aspect that makes CBD Pills different from CBD Capsules and CBD Softgels (Gelcaps) is that they (CBD Pills) usually use the concentrated crystal form of cannabis i.e. cannabinoid.

    Based on consumption form

    CBD capsules are generally swallowed. However, this is not necessarily the case for all CBD pills. There are also chewable CBD pills available. It makes CBD pills suitable for those consumers who do not prefer to or find it hard to swallow.

    Based on digestion

    The average digestive system is generally more resistant to CBD capsules than to CBD pills. It is because the ingredients of the pills are directly exposed (due to the structure of pills) right from the start of the consumption. It increases the chances of them causing some irritation in the stomach.


    Hence, you can see that there are many forms in which CBD can be consumed. The most common types of oral consumption of CBD are CBD Pills, CBD Capsules, and CBD Softgels (Gelcaps). There are differences in these three forms in many ways. Hence, choosing which one to use amongst these three depends upon a variety of factors. If we analyze the differences, we can come to the following conclusions. CBD capsules are quick and easy to use. However, this causes them to be more expensive than CBD pills at most times.

    Moreover, CBD capsules may also require refrigeration for preservation purposes due to their structure. CBD capsules are more effective for immediate results as their absorption rate is higher. However, in the long run, CBD pills are more effective due to their higher concentration. Due, to their outer shell, CBD capsules allow protection for sensitive ingredients (in case they are mixed with the CDB). Therefore, it is difficult to say which one is better as that highly depends upon the context of consumption.

  • 10 Things To Consider When Buying CBD Oil Online

    Do you buy everything online?  Most of us get everything from groceries, to clothes, to camping gear online, so why should it be different for CBD oil?

    How relaxing it is to think that all you have to do is point and click and have a package of CBD oil delivered to your door. However, there are things you need to look consider before hitting that “place order” icon.

    Since the legalization of CBD is so recent, the regulations concerning its sale and manufacture are still pretty loose. Vendors often try to take advantage by selling substandard products to the public, and that especially applies to people who buy online. When people are looking for instant gratification, they’re less likely to look too carefully into what they are purchasing, and manufacturers are all too aware.

    When buying online, it’s easy to choose the product that looks the best, but there are things you should look for to make sure what your purchasing is of high quality, especially when you’re buying CBD. Here are ten things you should look out for when buying CBD online:

    Where was the hemp grown?

    One of the things that you really want to look out for when you’re buying CBD online is where it came from and more importantly, what might be in it. Hemp is a bio-accumulator which means it’s not very selective about the environment it grows. It will absorb anything from the air, soil, and water whether good or bad. It’s up to the grower to make sure the hemp only gets the good. The last things you want in your CBD are pesticides, toxins, and chemicals.

    When you buy CBD online, look out for organically grown hemp that can be traced back to a US source. Keep in mind, when the hemp gets the good stuff, you’re getting the good stuff, so be certain the hemp is traceable to a reliable grower.

    How much THC is in the CBD oil?

    There may be a time and a place for getting high, but we’re pretty sure you want to decide when and where it is.  If you’re at work or doing something which requires full concentration, you probably want to keep THC as far from the picture as possible.

    So, will a reputable CBD vendor. In order for a hemp product to be considered legal in the United States, CBD must contain a maximum of 0.03% THC. The best products contain none at all, so look for those if you’re concerned about having even trace amounts of THC in your body.

    How was it made?

    A lot of what happens in the CBD manufacturing process goes on behind the scenes. When done right, the process used to extract CBD oil from the hemp plant can be very complex and requires expensive instruments. The highest quality CBD is extracted using the “super-critical CO2 extraction.” In this process, carbon dioxide is used to pull out the CBD in a super-cold environment to get the purest CBD possible.

    Lower quality vendors use cheap methods to separate the CBD from the plant. These methods include dangerous toxic solvents like propane and butane, which are meant to light pilot lights on gas ranges and stoves. They  have no place in CBD oil or its extraction.

    Sometimes a cheaper price tag doesn’t mean a better deal. Check that the CBD you buy online is manufactured using a CO2 extraction process. Otherwise, you may end up paying a  higher price in the end.

    Is Your CBD “whole plant” or “full spectrum?”

    The really high-grade CBD uses the whole plant. CBD isolates are popular, but they’re really just the cheaper parts of the plant and are not as effective as full spectrum CBD.

    When the whole plant is used, it means you are getting its full range of beneficial constituents.

    Check the labels on your CBD oil for “whole plant” or “full spectrum’ in order to be certain you’re getting the terpenes and phosphates that give the CBD it’s extra punch. Check the websites to get the whole picture on the "whole plant.” If you don’t see the information on the website, look for a contact number so you can get in touch with a salesperson who can answer your questions.

    Third Party Lab Results

    The most comprehensive quality checks on CBD oil online are done by third-party laboratories. These are labs that are not associated with the manufacturers that examine the CBD to ensure it meets quality standards. Some companies pass these tests, and others fail.

    If you want to make sure your hemp is all it should be (pure extraction, a high concentration of CBD and low concentration of THC), the easiest way to do all of those at once is by checking the third-party lab results.

    A trusted brand will always have the third-party lab results listed on its website or in its packaging. If you have trouble finding the results, the brand should have a good customer service agent who is willing to supply you with that information.

    Concentration of CBD

    When buying CBD online, concentrate on concentration. Many companies will “water down” their CBD oils in order to make a profit, bringing the concentration level of the CBD down and weakening its efficacy in the process.

    Luckily, there is a numerical standard for CBD concentration that will ensure you're getting what you pay for and it should be easy to spot on the product's labeling. A quality product will contain somewhere between 250 – 1000 mg per fluid ounce. That means if you see a product that is four ounces contain 250 mg, the concentration is only ¼ of what it should be. Divide the total amount of CBD in the product by the ounces in the container to get an accurate measure.


    Sure, we all want a good deal whenever we buy, and buying online is a great way to do comparison shopping, but keep in mind, producing quality CBD is expensive, and if the price tag is suspiciously low, it may mean the company is cutting corners on extraction methods and concentration levels.

    Remember, like everything else, you get what you pay for. We're not telling you to ignore a good deal, but make sure to do your homework first. Sometimes, the lower price is the real rip off.

    Beware of False Advertising

    CBD can help with inflammatory conditions, elevate mood, relieve pain, and lower symptoms of anxiety, but if you hear a company claiming that their product can do much more than that, a reality check is probably in order.

    CBD oil can be a wonderful daily supplement and can help to treat many of the conditions that affect so many people today, but there are limitations. The FDA has strict regulations placed on the claims a company can make about the efficacy of their product in terms of treatment for medical conditions. If a company is capable of violating these regulations, it raises questions about what other customer service policies they are capable of ignoring.


    Even if you fall prey to false claims from a company, you don’t want to be the one left holding the bag. A reliable company will take accountability which means that it will stand behind its product and guarantee customer satisfaction.

    It's a good sign when a company has reliable customer service that is easy to reach and professional in handling your questions and concerns. Before ordering, it may be a good idea to try and reach out to these companies. If someone gets back to you in a timely fashion and is willing to address your concerns, it means they take accountability seriously.

    Forms of CBD

    CBD is available in a lot of different forms each with its own unique benefits and detriments. When buying CBD online, it is important to make sure the CBD you are buying comes in the form that you prefer.

    CBD oil is available in vape form, capsules, tinctures, edibles, and creams. Not only do these forms differ in methods of ingestion and application, but they also differ in the amount of time they take to work and how long they remain effective in the body.

    Before you buy CBD oil online make sure the form you are buying is the best to treat your particular issue.

    For immediate relief, vaping, tinctures, and creams will do the trick. If you want something long-lasting and are not too concerned with instant results, capsules and edibles may be more along the lines of what you’re looking for.

    Whichever you choose, make sure the CBD you're buying is in the form that works best to target your specific issues.

    While the form of CBD can vary from person to person, there is something that everyone can agree on, and that’s high-quality CBD that comes from a reliable and traceable source. CBD has wonderful benefits that we all can profit from. When the consumer wins, the CBD industry wins. Consider these ten things when buying CBD oil online, to make it a win-win situation all the way around.

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