CBD Powder or CBD Isolate - Making And How To Use It?

CBD Powder or CBD Isolate - Making And How To Use It?

CBD Isolate or CBD Powder is becoming more popular as an increasing number of people are getting the awareness of its benefits. Since it’s a non-psychoactive compound, you can rest assured that there would be no harmful effects. However, for those of you who are still trying to understand CBD products and in particular CBD powder or CBD isolate, worry no more. You will find here everything you are looking for!

What is CBD Powder or CBD Isolate?

It is a crystalline powder that purely contains CBD (it is 99.9% pure) in its finest form. The hemp plant is essentially a mix of waxes, oils and some other plant matters, which are all removed to turn it into the purest CBD form that is as raw as it could be.

How is CBD Powder or CBD Isolate Made?

Before you decide on using CBD powder of CBD isolate, you should understand how it is purified to understand its benefits better.

The process to extract CBD isolate is called convergence chromatography that hereby enables separation of raw CBD from hemp oil. It follows an extremely critical extraction process; apart from CO2, this SuperCritical CO2 extraction technique is perhaps the cleanest and safest of all.

It is, however, not a one-time process but is repeated multiple times until CBD is completely isolated from other plant matters and is obtained in its purest form. Another reason for doing it multiple times is because there is always a tendency of leaving contaminants like butane that should not be left in the isolate.

Following the extraction, it then goes through a purification process where the actual filtration takes place. The process is called winterization and helps getting rid of any remains of wax or other substances found in the hemp plant. The final product looks like a white crystalline powder.

As simple as this process may sound like, the professionals who repeatedly follow the same process multiple times have to ensure that each time, quality and safety standards are followed to get the rawest of the CBD products.

How should you use CBD Powder or CBD Isolate?

Now that you know what it goes through in the lab before making it to your shopping basket, you would want to know exactly how to use it. CBD isolate is pretty fun to use and can be used in dynamic ways as compared to other CBD products.

How you cook with CBD isolate is the most interesting part. You can infuse it in your smoothies, or you add it to your sauces very easily and the whole cooking is quite the fun part. What you need to be aware of is the “double boiling method” that is the obvious way to infuse CBD isolate in your meals as it seamlessly integrates the isolate in food items following a heat control technique.

In this case, whichever carrier oil you use, you would like to infuse the isolate in it in a way (double-boiling technique) that your body can absorb its benefit once you have your meal. It is also the best way to get the maximum out of the isolate. Moreover, coconut oil is one of the most sought after carrier oil to be used with isolate for maximum benefits.

Apart from cooking it with your food, you can also add it up in your morning smoothies, all you need to do is to blend it with your smoothie and enjoy it. If you are not a smoothie person and enjoy hot beverages, you can always add it in your tea or coffee regime, and it works the same way.

Though isolate doesn’t have a taste of its own, you can also make it as a sweetener. All you have to do is boil it in a double boiler with honey until it gets completely dissolved in the mixture. Your sweetener would be ready, and you can eat it as jam on top of your morning rusks or use it as tea or coffee sweetener.

Zero THC

We are aware of the fact that CBD hemp products contain very minimal traces of THC, which is the psychoactive compound. The legal compound limit is about 0.3% and not more than that, which would not make the users feel high. And this is achieved through the CO2 extraction process. Now, with CBD isolate, since it goes through the process multiple times, it offers users each bit of benefit that CBD offers and has NO trace of THC!

It means that is any user is sensitive to even an insignificant amount of THC and can’t use any other CBD product because of 0.3% THC presence, can use CBD isolate without worrying about consuming any amount of THC. It also holds true if you are to take a drug test during an employment process and the employer policies are stringent and have no exception for any amount of THC even the minuscule amount present in CBD products. Without any fear, you can use CBD isolate and take the drug test right after it.

Author: Mathew Rogers

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