How to use CBD Oil and CBD Infused Products

How to use CBD Oil and CBD Infused Products

Most CBD oil comes from the production of industrialized hemp, which generally has a higher CBD content than cannabis plants. Hemp is the originator for most of the CBD that advocates use. There are many different methods to extract CBD from hemp. Once the extraction process is complete, the CBD compound is added to a carrier oil and voila, becomes CBD oil. As with all CBD products, oils come in different strengths and dosages.

Using CBD oil and CBD infused products doesn’t need to be overwhelming.It can easily be broken down into two categories – oral and topical. Within these categories are lots of different delivery methods, but don’t let that overwhelm you. Once you understand the basics, you will find that using CBD products is quite easy.

Use it Orally

Ingesting can feel like the most common and familiar way to begin experimenting with CBD. That’s because it comes in capsules, pills and tinctures. These are fairly common delivery methods for most people, so this won’t feel too different. Monitoring dosage with oral delivery systems is easy because capsules are already pre-measured by a distributor.

Capsules take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes to be absorbed into the bloodstream, so it’s going to take some time for you to begin to feel the effects. As with all CBD products, it is recommended you start slow and low – so use the lowest possible dosage available in your preferred delivery method and then slowly increase it until you discover the results you want.

Taking CBD oil is a super common and very easy way to use the benefits of this amazing product. CBD oil is also called a tincture, and that’s just a fancy word that means the good stuff in CBD has been distilled into a carrier oil. When you use this delivery system, you place a specific number of drops under your tongue and then let it sit there for up to one minute. Allowing the tincture to sit under your tongue before swallowing it speeds up the absorption rate.

If you’re adverse to holding something under your tongue, you could also add drops from our tinctures to your favorite foods and beverages. Tinctures blend well in smoothies and protein shakes because there are already several flavors in the mix, so that is usually a good starting point.
A final edible option for oral use is to enjoy a gummy. These are chewable candy treats that come in a variety of dosages and flavors. Our gummies are made using organic sugar and natural color, with no unneeded fillers or additives.

Orally ingesting CBD oil in any form is great for people who are seeking benefits and relief from depression, anxiety, and whole-body issues. That is because oral CBD creates a systemic effect and works on your entire body. If you are seeking relief from specific pain or discomfort, a topical application of CBD oil might be of better benefit.

Topical application

More and more people are reaching for CBD to help offset the pain and discomfort relating to sports injuries. Using CBD topically, that is, on your skin at the site of the muscle ache is an excellent way to quickly target one specific area. Many athletes enjoy using CBD salves and ointments to help offset some of the rigors of serious training. Topical application use of CBD widely studied has shown significant benefits.

Those who suffer from arthritis might find relief with CBD oil. A recent animal study from the EU showed that signs of inflammation and pain greatly decreased after four days of use. Chronic pain is something that many people live with and can be the result of injury or trauma. New research is emerging that suggests short-term use of CBD can reduce pain-like symptoms. More research is needed, all signs point to huge successes in the future.

Final thoughts

The natural pain relief that CBD seems to offer is promising. It might be able to help in an anti-inflammatory aspect as well. In the future, CBD might be the only treatment needed to help manage a variety of conditions. However, it’s important to remember that CBD research is still in its earliest stages. That means that much of the science isn’t available to back up the claims of advocates. More research, especially human research with carefully designed studies, is essential to support definitive health claims. CBD oil and CBD infused products do show promise in early results for pain relief. It might be extremely useful in managing chronic conditions, both physical and mental. One of the most alluring benefits of CBD is that it doesn’t have any intoxicating effects, which might indicate its overall safety for a large portion of the population. For those who experience chronic pain and are seeking relief, remember slow and steady wins the race. Jumping into an aggressive CBD treatment plan isn’t going to be of any benefit to you.

Author: Heather Burton

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