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CBD Herbal Tea: How To Make CBD Tea at Home?

Tea has been a part of our lives for about 5000 years now. It was discovered when a tea leaf flew into the pot of boiling water of the Chinese Emperor Shen Nung. When consumed then, it was found that this particular leaf doesn’t only have a pleasant taste, but its effects on the body were stimulatory as well.

In 2018, you couldn’t stop yourself from finding CBD anywhere you surf through the net. This product completely took this year. With its medicinal benefits and lesser tendency to cause any psychoactive effects, Cannabinol was conquering the market.

Here is what happened; CBD was later combined with caffeine to produce a herbal mixture and was tested for its effects. With beneficial effects, there were chances for these two to mix and result in consequences that might alter the mental status. The research regarding this was supported in the 2018 farm bill and concurrently in the 2019 Farm bill.

What is water-soluble CBD Herbal tea?

We are very clear that CBD has an oil base, whereas tea is made in water. The human body itself is 60 to 65% water, and this percentage renders water-insoluble substances difficult-to-metabolize. US-based water-soluble teas are made to meet this purpose effectively.

It is important because as effective CBD can be while being utilized as oil tinctures, topicals or vaped, it can’t be in this medium. When mixed in a cup of tea, water-insoluble tea will not produce the desired effects and will be a waste of money and energy, both.

These infused teas come with the benefit of just pouring out some tea leaves into the boiling water pot and waiting for it to leave its extract — no lengthy job of mixing tea and oil separately. However, if you wish to do so, we have got you covered in that aspect as well.

Why should we take CBD Herbal tea?

We already know the benefits of green teas and herbal teas. Enthusiasts for health are seen raving about the alleged health benefits of consuming herbal or green tea. What happens when the tea is mixed with CBD, and what effects does this combination produce? See below:

  • Less amount of caffeine

CBD comes with the potential benefits of making you feel healthy. At the same time, tea has about 50% less caffeine than coffee. With the lesser amount of caffeine and the decrement in psychoactive effects by CBD, you can feel more awake and sound.

  • Can reduce CVDs (Cardiovascular Disorders)

Herbal tea has been known for a long time now, to exert beneficial effects on the heart. Tea is known to reduce the chances of a stroke to up to 35%. At the same time, it is known to cause a 20% reduction in the chances of heart attacks as well. You can consume tea under good moderation to make sure the heart stays in good shape and functional state with time.

  • Antioxidant

One of the major causes of aging is the oxidizing of the body’s cells. With the lack of proper Antioxidants in the diet, the process of aging can speed up with concurrent oxidation. Many varieties of tea are known to have antioxidant properties. These can keep you rejuvenated for long periods. To add up to the benefits, CBD itself is a potent antioxidant. The combination of features of both CBD and herbal tea can prove out to be of great importance in slowing the process of aging.

  • Effect on the immune system

Tea can exert many important functions, specially if its components are herbal. It has many properties that directly affect the immune cells and boost up their actions. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and antibacterial actions in the body. The whole process gets better with the combination of CBD, that has many advantages as well.

  • Effects on bones

Morning teas are a regular source of many vitamins such as A and K at the same time; it can also be a good source of iron and calcium. These have beneficial effects on the bones as well as other sites of the body.

How to make CBD tea at home?

If you haven’t bought yourself a pack of CBD Herbal tea, then you must be looking for a recipe that can aid you in mixing CBD oil with tea and produce the same effects and nearly same taste. Here’s how we thought of helping you out:

Get your favorite tea, milk, and CBD oil from the store.

Step # 01: Tea-making processes start with boiling a kettle. At the same time, adjust according to the type of tea you have brought. If there are teabags, you only need to worry about the size of your mugs. However; in the case of loose green tea leaves, you might have to add cold water first so that it doesn’t taste bitter later on.

Step # 02: Its time to brew. While mixing the boiling water with the tea, make sure you are allowing it to crew and steep for enough time. Many packs specify the length of this time beforehand.

Step # 03: Now that your basics are done, it is time to add some milk. Make sure you add it according to the strength of tea you usually prefer. It is to remember that milk will also provide a medium to CBD to mix well with the tea. As aforementioned, Oil doesn’t mix with water at any cost.

Step # 04: Add a few drops of CBD oil. Know that you don’t want to get all carried away while adding it up and end up with a very unfamiliar and bad taste. You may increase it with time and need.

Lastly, wait for it to settle down and cool for a bit then enjoy your CBD Herbal tea!

Pick your favorite CBD Tea

  1. Stillwater Tea

The flavor Mellow mint tea is a sensation among people nowadays. It comes with 2.5 mg of THC/serving. This tea is made to resist any fear or going overboard with its usage.

  1. Evergreen Herbal Tea

Who doesn’t love to read these 3 Cs on a packet of tea; Cardamom, clove, and cinnamon? The Chai high tea from Evergreen can bring coziness in your teacup. It has a total of 10 mg of THC/serving.

  1. Kikoko

They went too far with creativity and named their product Positive-Tea, and we love it. The energizing effects in this tea are surreal. It has a total of 5 mg CBD and 10 mg THC/serving. The lemongrass and other organic ingredients add to the revitalizing feel of this tea.

  1. Canna Tea

Honey rose chamomile as the name suggests one of their most terrific products. It comes with 25 mg of Indica/serving. It is a light an sweet drink for people who don’t like strong flavors.

  1. Subtle Tea

CBD Lemon ginger tea is the classic from this brand. It has magical anti-inflammatory effects on the body. It comes with a 1:1 concentration of THC and CBD. This tea is known for its soothing effects. Calm your tired muscles, achy joints, and sore backs with this combination.

  1. Mad Hatter Coffee and Tea Co.

This Citrus flavored Subtle tea is the best-selling item here. Tangerine and ginger work to boost up the metabolism and keeps you awake. It comes with 20 mg of THC/serving.

  1. Skyline Boulevard Co.

These are the high-dose teas for the people that are out looking for them. So, we now know, it'sits not just the vintage packaging that is attractive. You can either pick passion peach or peppermint. There are a total of eight flavors to decide from. However, the THC concentration per serving is 30 mg.

Final Note

Now that we are on the route to discover the potential benefits of CBD and tea together, it is safe to say that this could be the next big thing. This tea is not only opening ways of health outcomes, but the fact that tea never goes out of style is also providing the CBD market a little boost.

If you feel ease in making your own CBD tea, we have guided you with our level best. However, if you are willing to try out some new flavors with infused-CBD teas, you might want to see the list we provided above.