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What is Water-Soluble CBD?

Ever since the 1940's when Dr Roger Adams first introduced the therapeutic CBD of the pot plant to the world, the compound has been working its way up and up the Cannabis industry. With the discovery, immediately the markets flooded with CBD products. These products comprised of either CBD extract or CBD isolate. After investing almost eight decades of ceaseless efforts, the CBD-enthusiasts have finally unearthed the ethos of this compound; The Water-Soluble CBD. Just like the first wave CBD-products, the concept has taken the market by storm. Except that this wave is far more intense and for the better! Let's find out why!

What is Water Soluble CBD?

Whenever people use the term Water Soluble CBD, it does not mean that the CBD oil molecules get dissolved with water molecules. Instead, it refers to the CBD oil molecule’s enhanced water compatibility.

Let’s understand this phenomenon by the comparison of the water-soluble CBD and regular CBD oil molecules. The average CBD oil particles are bigger than that of water. Thus, most of them do not get absorbed by the intestines. Whereas, the water-soluble CBD oil molecules break down into smaller components by the process of emulsification. Emulsification refers to the phenomena of proportionate mixing of the two substances, not dissolved completely.

As a result, the surface area increases. Hence, more particles enter the bloodstream. Concisely, the water-soluble CBD brings about the following effects:

  • Greater CBD adsorption
  • Instant CBD effects

The development of the water-soluble CBD concept has gained massive appreciation because a human body consists of almost 60% water. Thus, the evolvement of water-soluble CBD not only appears logical but proves to be efficient.

How is it Manufactured?

By now, we know that CBD does not readily combine with water. Naturally, its an anti-water or hydrophobic compound. But then how come scientists developed a water-soluble version of it?

Well, the water-friendly properties have been more or less, induced in Cannabidiol by breaking its molecules into the tiniest of particles and then, partnering it up with a hydrophilic carrier. The efficient use of nanotechnology helps in achieving this.

In simpler terms, the big CBD particles are broken down into smaller microscopic or nanoscopic particles using sound waves. The resulting particles may vary from 10 nanometers to 5000 nanometers, depending on the sub-type of water-soluble are being produced. You'll learn more about these sub-types, later in the article.

Just like the digestion process uses enzymes, the manufacturing of water-soluble CBD uses sound waves to break down clusters of CBD to help them absorb in the blood. Consequently, upon consumption, the water-soluble CBD can reach the brain receptors directly. And bring out the maximum therapeutic effect of the marijuana compound.

What are the Sub-Types of the Water Soluble CBD?

The following are the standard ways through which CBD or its products achieve water-friendly properties.

Water-soluble CBD Standart Ways Infographic


Capable of delivering CBD effectively, Liposomes are spherical vesicles consisting of one or more phospholipid layers. These rounded structures range in size from 50 nanometers to 5000 nanometers.

Structurally, a phospholipid layer comprises a hydrophobic (anti-water) tail and a hydrophilic (water-friendly) head. Upon contact with an H2O molecule, tail curls in while the head turns about oppositely (outwards). As a result, a bilayer tiny liposomal bubble is formed that traps the CBD molecule. It can then be directly & successfully delivered to target tissues. A research conducted in 2017 also confirms the efficacy of these Pro NanoLipospheres. When tested upon rats, the oral administration of liposomal water-soluble CBD demonstrated increased absorption.

What's in it for you?

  • Better absorbed in the bloodstream as compared to pure CBD oil.
  • It may have a slightly bitter taste, but it wouldn't be as intolerable as that of pure CBD Oil.
  • Relatively quicker therapeutic effects.


  • Costly manufacturing, and hence, expensive products.
  • Uses substantially high surfactant concentrations such as Lecithin Phospholipids, which may bring about slightly soapy taste.
  • It uses synthetic or isolated cannabinoids. It can cause mental or physical health problems in long term usage.

Micro Emulsions

Next comes the smaller but least preferred method of preparing water-soluble CBD. Comprising of droplets sized between 100-5000 nanometers, Micro Emulsion happens to be a translucent mixture of surfactants, oil, and water. (A surfactant reduces surface tension and allows oil & water to mix!). It solubilizes oil in water using substantially high amounts of surfactants.

What's in it for you?

  • The negatives only!


  • It uses high amounts of harmful surfactants like oleic acid, Tween, Cremophor RH.
  • Such high amounts may be higher than legally permitted levels of surfactants as they can cause breast cancer and other serious illnesses.
  • It brings about a very bitter taste.

Nano Emulsions

In present times, Nanoemulsion technology is the most widely used method of preparing water-soluble CBD products. That's because nano-technology breaks down large CBD particles into smaller CBD particles, ranging 10-100 nanometers in size, using ultra-sonic liquid processors. The smaller droplets have an increased surface area, and hence, allow 6% greater absorption. The idea is similar to the increased bioavailability of excipient food through tinier droplets, as per a study of 2016.

The Nano-emulsified particles of CBD are not only 100 times smaller in size but also use low quantities of highly concentrated all-natural surfactants. Thus, stabilizing micro-droplets and reducing potential risks of synthetic surfactants. It does not only deliver the water-soluble CBD to target issues but also protects the body from side effects.

What’s in it for you?

  • It provides water-soluble CBD’s therapeutic effects in a minimal amount of time. It can bring about CBD's soothing and healing effects in 10 minutes only, in an ideal situation.
  • 90% of the CBD in the product gets absorbed and used by the body.
  • Amplify relief and energy boost.
  • It is tasteless and odourless. Hence, you can consume it with almost any edible item!


  • Slightly expensive products.

3-Best Water-Soluble CBD Companies

Since water-soluble CBD happens to be a relatively young concept, many lesser companies that are currently manufacturing and supplying it. But, even in the shortlist of water-soluble CBD manufacturers, following are some prominent and reliable names:

  • Infinite CBD

The Infinite CBD, founded in 2016, has its ideology based on nanotechnology CBD. Thus, all the products get manufactured by small CBD isolate particles. Also, the reliability of the brand gets justified by the point that any individual can research their manufacturing process. The vast product line ranges from gummies to Nano non-dairy creamer.

  • Joy Organics

A name of reliance and innovation in the CBD production industry, the Joy Organics offers water-soluble CBD products, including soft gels and energy drinks. The company promotes THC-free and high-quality products, which get laboratory tested before sale.

  • Hemplucid

Hemplucid has an immense variation of CBD-based products like tinctures and capsules, which are available in water-soluble CBD form. The manufacturing of Hemplucid products under 100% hygienic and high-quality conditions makes the products most reliable and efficient.

Boosting Bioavailability

By definition, the term Bioavailability refers to the amount of any substance that gets absorbed into the bloodstream. Thus, it reflects the effectiveness of an ingested material.

In the human body, the cell's tiny size (1 billionth of a meter) has a close connection with the absorption of substances. The particles with the size nearer to that of a cell will absorb in the bloodstream more efficiently or else they will be left unprocessed. It is due to this particular reason that the majority of CBD oil particles do not get absorbed. The large oil molecule is unable to penetrate the small cells. For example, if you consume a CBD oil capsule, then you will experience its effects about 6-7 hours later as the rate of bioavailability is slower. At times, the body may not even receive most of the CBD Oil that you're supplying it!

It was to solve this problem that the concept of water-soluble first evolved. The emulsified particles can fuse with the cells more readily and reach the bloodstream more quickly. Thus, elevating bioavailability levels by making it efficient and less time-consuming.

Plus Points

Undeniably, the water-soluble CBD oil has proven to be more beneficial than the plain CBD oil. The below listed are some of these benefits:

  • Augmented Bioavailability

The water-soluble CBD oil penetrates the bloodstream rapidly, thus increasing the active CBD particles in the body. As part of the process, the body can work with more CBD molecules rather than letting it go into the waste.

  • Versatility in Usage

Another advantage of water-soluble CBD is its versatility in usage. It allows you to mix it with any other beverage and enjoy it carelessly. You can add the water-soluble CBD to any drink, whether it be your morning tea or routine shake.

  • Instant Results

The body can produce immediate CBD effects due to the enhanced bioavailability. With the CBD oil rapidly penetrating your bloodstream, you can feel the CBD-related effects better as well as quicker.

  • Light on your pocket

As the water-soluble CBD efficiently absorbs into your body and brings about quicker effects, the CBD intake required reduces significantly. With lesser CBD consumption, you will have to invest less in water-soluble CBD products while enjoying efficient results.

Are there any downsides?

Depending on the method used, Water Soluble CBD may have a drawback or two. Though, we have not yet come across one that overpowers the benefits.

However, the young concept of water-soluble Cannabidiol has not yet revealed a dark side, on the whole. But then, there were times when the CBD Oil fever had a grip on all of us. It blinded us in its glittery, positive shine, only to have us shielding our eyes after a short while. Therefore, it is too early to say that this variant of CBD is genuinely, purely harmless.

Fusing into Blood, Forming the Future

The water-soluble CBD, especially the nano emulsified version, has become synonymous with Liquid Gold. The quick and amplified penetration properties of this variant have augmented the sphere of CBD'S influence. It now promises a bright future for dispensaries as well as beverage companies.

Drug stores are looking forward to supplying nano-technology based water-soluble CBD products to CBD-dependent patients. Pharmaceutical products manufactured using this technology will benefit patients to unimaginable extents.

The translucent color of the nanoscopic water-soluble CBD particles is not visible in drinks. And, this is why, Nanogen Lab's CEO, Ben Larson, pointed out the bright future of beverage companies if they shake hands with Water Soluble CBD-infused energy drinks.

Perhaps, that's why leading beverage companies are expecting the millions worth of business from flavoured, healthful CBD-infused drinks. While the customers are anticipating the day, they can casually pick up their flavoured CBD boost for the day.

As the health-conscious lifestyles prevailed in the East and the West, the demand for alcoholic drinks lowered by 1.3% globally in 2016. Up until now, the figure has only increased. People have expected that this water-soluble medical cannabinoid of marijuana will soon offer recreational energy boosts when infused in different foodstuffs, especially drinks. And hence, it will highly benefit from the decline of the alcoholic beverage market.

Assuming everything goes according to plans and expectations, we're hoping for a green and umbriferous Cannabis canopy!


Water-soluble CBD proves to be the ultimate solution to instantaneous and efficient CBD consumption. The water-soluble CBD is receiving popularity with its enhanced bioavailability, rapidly acting effects, and diversity of usage. Undeniably, the newest addition to the CBD range has a clear advantage over the previously-hyped CBD oil.