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CBD Oil Tincture - 1500mg

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Ready to elevate your health in a completely natural way? Our 1000 mg CBD oil is made with a strong concentration of full-spectrum hemp CBD for a potent and reliable formula that will support the most essential aspects of your wellness regimen. If you need help dealing with discomfort, stress, poor sleep, or fatigue, this high potency 1500 mg CBD oil may be the solution you need. 

Like the rest of our CBD products, this 1500 mg hemp tincture is 100% made in the USA with the purest CBD extracts available today. Our tinctures are also expertly formulated to comply with all industry standards, and they go through rigorous testing at independent laboratories to guarantee the best possible quality and safety. 

CBD Oil 1500mg Benefits:

In addition to the best CBD extracts from organic hemp, our full-spectrum CBD oil contains other beneficial cannabinoids and nutrients, like amino acids, terpenes, and amino acids. Over time, continued use of this plant-based tincture oil may provide you with a long list of benefits to complement your everyday health.

  • Supports stress management*
  • Reduces fatigue*
  • Supports mental clarity and focus*
  • Promotes feelings of relaxation*
  • Reduces discomfort*
  • Support muscles and joints*
  • Improves recovery after exercise*
  • Promotes better sleep quality at night*


Full Ingredients: Whole plant hemp extract, MCT oil, essential oils

How to Use CBD Oil 1500mg

For the best results, hold your dose sublingually (under the tongue) for at least 30 seconds. You can also add a serving of CBD to your favorite beverages like smoothies, teas, or natural juices. Using our 1500 mg CBD tincture every day is a natural and convenient way to experience all the powerful benefits associated with CBD.

Suggested Use: Follow the instruction on the product label for recommended use, serving sizes, and warning. 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, so they are not intended to cure, diagnose, or treat medical symptoms, diseases, and conditions.

CBD Oil Tincture - 1500mg